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Initiative #1

H2L Global 2021 is a two-day worldwide musical concerts that touch, move and inspire. Celebrities and guest hosts participate in the Telethon raising money for organizations involved in the Aliveness Forums. These forums, comprised of organizations and government agencies, create educational opportunities to move people into action in suicide prevention awareness. Sign up for our newsletter at the top to learn more.

Initiative  #2

Create laws that remove criminal element from suicide. Click here to learn how to advocate.

Initiative #3

Generate suicide prevention strategy in every country, so nations work together to reduce the yearly suicide rate of nearly one million by at least 5% per year within the next five years. Click here to make an impact.

Initiative #4

Distribute hotel industry in-house public service announcements and placards for suicide prevention. We have discovered that hotels are the main location where suicide occurs. Visit this page at the end of August to see our media toolkit.

Initiative #5

Create one worldwide 3-digit Suicide Prevention hotline. 988 was introduced last year in USA, quite a long time in the making and have other countries who align. We have had several guests and conversations with the telecommunications industry to make this happen.

Initiative #6

Create funding opportunities for suicide prevention. Also, corporations, foundations and individuals can be a part of the global sponsors who support organizations that save lives through suicide prevention. Click here to find out how. 

Let’s keep the conversation going and use these hashtags on social media: #wipeoutsuicide #heres2life #preventsuicide #nooneisalone #H2LGlobal


Funds raised will go to support efforts for:
Anti-bullying, Youth, Mental Illness, and Research.